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Present Project 2017

Lowbanks Community Centre
2633 North Shore Dr.
Lowbanks, Ont.

The Lowbanks Community Centre Group operates a not for profit well maintained facility which is available to all residents and businesses for a nominal rental to host family gatherings, celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and business meetings. The group also hosts weekly card nights for seniors, exercise and dance classes for all residents as well as dinner/entertainment nights. All operation and maintenance of the facility is carried out by local volunteers dedicated to providing the community a safe, clean facility to gather.

The directors of the group have identified the need for a storage room to be attached to the hall to provide easy access to tables, chairs, supplies, etc. Currently the volunteers have very limited storage for supplies, tables, chairs, so larger items are stored in a sea container at the rear of the parking lot. Moving these items to and from the hall for each and every function is not only time consuming but unsafe moving tables across the parking lot in wind, snow, etc. Storing tables and chairs in the container has also created a problem with mold on them creating more work to keep them clean but will no doughtily shorten the life of the furnishings. The addition of a 32' x 16' attached storage room with access from inside the hall will greatly enhance the community centre and will rectify the obstacles previously noted.

We have had a few contractors estimate the cost of the addition at approximately $75,000 and have contacted Haldimand County staff for approval and assistance in funding this project. Through the Haldimand County community partnership program we have the approval of Haldimand County Council and a commitment of $31,000 towards the project. The Lowbanks Community Centre Group has $15,000 in reserve to put forward for the addition and is now appealing to you the residents and businesses to help us achieve our goal of funding $30,000 for this project and begin construction in early 2017. All donors will be recognized with a plaque inside the hall at the front entrance as well as recognition in local newspapers upon completion of the project.

All donors will receive tax receipts and all donations should be made out to Haldimand County and have the following project number in the memo line of your cheque.
“LOWCOMMDON” - C.705.0028.2300.2392"

(Lowbanks Community Centre Storage Addition Donations)
Haldimand County
P.O. Box 400
45 Munsee Street North,
Cayuga, Ontario

The directors of the Lowbanks Community Centre group wish to thank you in advance for your generosity and if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly @ 905 701-1153

Thank You
Ron Poth, President,
Lowbanks Communtiy Centre Board

Storage Box

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